Crypto Phone Privacy is your right, not a Privilege. Ultra-Secure ENCRYPTED Secure Business Communication COMMUNICATIONS Privacy Fully Anonymous & Geo-Location Protection Matters

Cybotics Secure Phone

The secure mobile interface of Cybotics features a secure harden operating system. It comes with advanced security features that offer complete anonymity while protecting your geo-location. Its anti-interception feature guards you from hacking by blocking Wi-Fi and GSM invasion. It protects your device from both over-the-air as well as the baseband attacks.
Secure Your:

Why Cybotics Secure Phone?

Security Features

Secure Call

Encrypted calls featuring anti-interception ZRTP protocol. Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange at 3K Military Grade AES-256.

Secure OS

Sandbox Technology, Randomize hostname and Mac address, No metadata and Zero-day protection, Wifi probs protection.

Secure Message

End-to-end encryption protocol with advanced OMEMO. Protection of your privacy for each message all the time.


Reliable secure VPN connection encryption gives you a new level of online security.

Secure Mail

Send and receive secure mail uses end-to-end encrypted emails with AES, RSA, along with OpenPGP encryptions.

Secure Browser

Use the most anonymous way to access any website, even if it’s normally blocked, monitored, or on the hidden web.

Multi-layered Defense Against Any Attack

Layer 1: Multi-Layered Secure Operating System

All features belong to the kernel of the secure OS are aimed at protecting the user against malware targeting zero-day exploits, and make the system more robust.

Jail break detection and prevention
Bootloader security and full disk encryption enabled by default
GSM firewall and IP firewall

Layer2: Secure Audited Applications

Application security is a very critical point in order to protect your mobile device, we do security auditing for every single app for your secure phone.

Sandbox technology with an isolated environment
Protection against zero-day exploits
Encrypted communication apps for calling and chatting

Layer 3: Network level security

Network-level security is mandatory to keeping secure phone user anonymous.

Randomization of hostname and Mac address on every boot time
No Metadata, Exif records, no location tags associated with any file
Protection against Wifi/GSM data interception. No Wifi Probes request

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